On Friday, June 29, 2018, my family and I took the short five-hour drive just over the Pennsylvania border to Findley Lake, NY or I guess it could also be considers Clymer. While there, we stayed at the beautiful Peek n’ Peak resort, in the Greenwood condos off Canterbury Drive.

Obviously, our first priority (after getting checked in and unpacked) was to load back up into the car and find the nearest grocery store. That happened to be about 15 miles south-east in Corry, Pennsylvania and it was a Wal-Mart. *Side note: just about everywhere my family and I stay comes with a complete kitchen; get a unit with a kitchen, it saves money, because you’re not eating out all the time.*

On our way to the store, we came upon Gigi’s Route 6 Diner. This place definitely had this retro 50’s look and feel going on. My husband ordered their famous “Heart Attack Burger,” this was a huge patty in between two grilled cheese sandwiches with just about everything on it! He could only eat half of it at the diner, and man was it delicious. My kids got the standard chicken fingers and fries, kids.. they never eat anything adventurous. *wink* I honestly didn’t either. I tried their mushroom Swiss burger. I found this to be dry and lacking in the mushroom department. Other than that, the staff was incredibly nice, the environment was very clean, and our group of five ate dinner (with leftovers) for $40. Gigi’s has an endearing story I recommend you check out if you’re ever in town.

The following morning, my husband and I took our 4-year-old to play mini golf! That is one of his favorite things to do when we travel (so far his favorite is the mini golf in Massanutten, VA). They were replacing the carpet on the course that week, but still let us play. Best yet, the woman didn’t charge us for the kids since they are under the age of 5! My son loved this course, I think we ended up playing 3 or more times while we were there. It was definitely one of the most beautiful courses we’ve played on, the only thing my son was a little disappointed about was the fact that there were no “magic holes,” or the little holes the ball goes in and comes out some place different.

After a round or so of mini golf, we hit the pool. Peek n’ Peak has a nice selection of pools as well. They have a big indoor pool, an indoor children’s pool, a beautiful outdoor pool with a nice water slide, and a hot tub that you can be either indoor or out. The water slide, in my opinion, is mainly for kids. You have to be at least 42″ but no max height. Many adults found it to be fun once or twice, but the kids absolutely loved it, I couldn’t get mine off the slide.

Inside the pool complex, there is also a play set, basketball court, and corn hole. Great for those children (or adults) that want to get out of the water. Oh! And on your way to the pools, there is a side door that takes you to an area with two additional play sets.

The rest of our stay, while we were on resort property we played mini golf, or my son and husband rode the Soaring Eagle, which again because of my kids age we were not charged for him. I’m told the Soaring Eagle is much like a roller coaster, and the coolest part was “soaring” over the pool area.

The resort does offer other activities, that if I had a sitter on site for more than a few days, or my son was a bit older, we totally would have done. There is an adventure course, zip lines, electric bikes, bicycles, Segway tours, and chair lift rides (which we did, 4-year-old said it was too slow), and disc golf. If you’re going to be going, I recommend getting the Explorer Pass, for sure worth it if you would do everything multiple times.

On Sunday, July 1, my husband and I took our boys (mind you ages 1 and 4) to Panama Rocks in Panama, NY. This is a beautiful scenic park, if your into nature, slight rock climbing, and axe throwing (?) this is a MUST! The visit to Panama Rocks can take you from as little as an hour and a half to an all day adventure. We spent about two hours there. There is a set trail you can follow, but you do not have to.. I suggest you get off the trail where possible, but watch your step!

Again, because of their ages, there was no charge for my kids so it was only $14 even for my husband and myself. Plus, there is an awesome “treasure hunt” you can participate in during your visit. Clues are found along the way. Worth it for a day of fun. They also offer axe throwing, if that is something your interested in or have always wanted to try. We personally skipped it; my husband has a bad shoulder and I’m not sure I could even lift it!

After our morning hike a Panama Rocks, we ate lunch at the on site restaurant, Bistro 210. My kids got cheese burgers, I tried a burger with buffalo sauce and my husband tried some steak wrap. It was all delicious and honestly the prices weren’t too bad for being a resort restaurant.

Monday morning (July 2), we got up bright and early (before the PGA web tour guests started arriving) and drove the two-hour trip to Niagara Falls, Canada. That was an all day trip, and trust me the Canada side is better. Yes, it’s a tourist trap, but isn’t that why we go?

We arrived and ate lunch in the Skylon Tower. We had a beautiful view of the falls. I wanted to eat in the Revolving Dining Room, but after comparing their menu to the Summit Suite Buffets, I changed my mind. There was nothing on the menu my kids would eat for the revolving restaurant, and I did NOT want to have to deal with hangry kids all day. The buffet was the better choice. Not only could you get as many servings as you could eat, but they had steak, STEAK! My 4-year-old loves steak. And noodles, chicken tenders, and french fries that suspiciously tasted just like McDonald’s fries.  If you guys go, try the fries… let me know what you think.

After lunch at the Skylon and checking out the view on the observation deck (which is included with your meal, by the way) we headed out to walk the streets close by. We made it to the boat ride, the HornBlower.. Maid of the Mist is US side. The line was awful. We stood out in the heat, little shade for what felt like forever, but was probably about an hour or so, waiting to get on the boat. The reason it took so long, is someone pulled the fire alarm in the elevators, so we had to wait for the fire department to give the all clear. We left shortly after the boat ride. I’m pretty sure it was the hottest day of our trip, and having a teething 1-year-old on top of that, mm, short day. By the time we left, it was around 5pm (est), my 4-year-old didn’t make it through the border, he was exhausted. *Fun Fact: The bridge from the U.S. (Buffalo NY) to Canada is called the Rainbow Bridge.*

After we got back to the resort, we hit up the 210 again for dinner. I tried the Cajun Steak Alfredo. While good, I was disappointed because I had thought it was steak with a spicy Alfredo sauce. What I actually got was steak with a slightly spice tomato sauce… major let down. I also tried one of their drinks, they called it the Orange creamsicle… it was amazing and tasted exactly like the ice cream bar. Sine being home, I’ve purchased everything they said was in it (if I can figure it out, I promise I’ll share the recipe with you.)

The rest of our days we spent playing golf, riding the Soaring Eagle or watching movies. Except on Tuesday (I know, I know, what!?), July 3. For lunch I had to head back to Corry, PA to check out Fat Monn’s Grub, because seriously “Come Embrace Your Chubby Side.” Genius.  I ordered the Fat Mans pizza, which has everything on it, EVERYTHING. That was my 1 year olds first experience with jalapeno. Everything was delicious and the staff was fantastic. Again, another $40 meal, with lots of leftovers.

We got up and checked out a day early, sad I know.. but a Buzzy Mom does what she has to. All in all though, I think we did a lot and had tons of fun for a random trip to use up points before the expired. I look forward to going back to the area. Oh, and for the record, the PGA Web Tour did not interfere with anything while we were there, they didn’t even crowd the restaurants.

So, now you’re probably wondering how we made this educational. Well, do you know how much history and science is located at Niagara Falls? Tons! Hiking and following clues, botany. Soaring Eagle, physics. How much did my 4-year-old retain? You’d be surprised, where do you think our #wordoftheday comes from? You can make just about anything educational. =]


Check back next month for an entry on our trip to Gatlinburg, TN.