First off, I made a small mistake reading this book. I didn’t realize this was the third book until after I looked it up on my GoodReads acoount. Oops, my bad. I knew it was part of a series but I never thought they were all connected so I didn’t try to read them in order. Part of me wishes I would have paid better attention because I believe they are all connected which makes the story more interesting.

The story isn’t very long and I didn’t enjoy the Disney parts; I was wanting something separated from good ol’ Disney, I should have honestly known better by looking at the cover. I loved getting Ursula’s backstory and to see the dark side of King Triton; there’s also a little information on Ariel’s mother. I only wish there was more, I needed more because I wanted to feel emotions towards Ursula. There was a moment that I thought was sad, but it was only a couple sentences long, nothing lasted for me.

The main focus is Ursula however, there is this other character, Circe who plays an important role in the story. I have a feeling she does in the other books too especially with how this one ended. If you plan to read these books, please, start with “Fairest of All.” I’m kicking myself for starting with the third book. If i wasn’t wanting to know more about this Circe character I would read the next one I found, whether it was in order or not. Like I said, I feel she plays an important part in the series.