If you’re a fan of the classic Choose Your Adventure books then this is definitely for you.

In Murdered, you’re on a party trip to Rio right before the Olympics, during Carnaval, with a few friends, when you are suddenly separated and unwittingly stumble into a murder scene. Can you solve the murder or will you end up dead in a field of sugar cane?

Murdered is written to have three different story lines with over 50 different endings, which is mighty impressive considering this is the second book in the Click Your Poison series (what an awesome name for a series). The story flowed almost seamlessly, with new clues each time you read the story, provided you change your path occasionally.

I had a few problems with the story:

  1. Why were the detectives suddenly at he scene of the murder, and
  2. it took me a while to figure out that I (or the main character) was a man.

I plan on reading this again several times to gain more clues, and I’m anticipating finding out how others in the story are tied in! Maybe I’ll gain the answers to my “problem umber one,” maybe I’ll add more to the list.

I rated this book four stars.



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murdered cover