Grounded: The Adventures of Rapunzel by Megan Morrison

I bought this book recently at a Scholastic warehouse book sale, at first I enjoyed it, the middle not so much but I loved the ending. (Not because it was over.) This story is middle grade level and I think it’s perfect for that age group or even younger kids who enjoy reading the thicker books. This story isn’t like Disney if that’s what you’re wanting, but there is still adventure inside.

The story is set in Tyme, which is made up of 13 different countries, all named after colors. At first, I thought this book was a perfect example of Stockholm Syndrome because Rapunzel loves Witch. She calls her Witch because, Witch has never asked Rapunzel to call her mother and she hates her real name; we find out why later in the book. Although everyone in Tyme has heard of Rapunzel it is not a prince who rescues her, mainly because Rapunzel doesn’t want to be rescued and has always been terrified of the “Ground People,” especially the prince’s. The one person who convinced Rapunzel to leave her tower was Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk. I really enjoyed the author finding a way to include him into the story and making him one of the main characters. She only leaves her tower because Rapunzel is scared Jack and a group of faeries are trying to kill Witch; honestly they want to but Witch is a very powerful witch, not even a witch slayer was able to kill her. Unlike Disney, Witch doesn’t gain power from Rapunzel’s hair, she gains power from her innocence, to help keep her innocence Witch will sometimes take away Rapunzel’s memories of all the moments someone came to the tower.

In order to save Witch Rapunzel has to go on this journey to find the Woodmother, who is a fairy and was the very first tree in Tyme. On this journey Rapunzel faces large beasts, bandits, and other things she never knew exist. To be honest, she wasn’t aware of many things because she was never taught about them. She started off as an annoying, whiny child but I really enjoyed watching her grow and mature.