As an expecting mother we all wonder and dream of just what our child will look like, what it will be and pray that it is healthy.   When it is born we immediately begin counting toes and fingers, flipping them over to exam every inch of them, but what happens when we find a flaw?  Today in America 1 in every 33 babies are born with some type of defect. (  I was fortunate enough to give birth to one in 2000.

Oh, I know some of you gasped at that last sentence.  She truly is a blessing, she has taught us many things about parenting and most definitely patience.  A handicapped child brings many new obstacles or challenges into our lives.  However, they also teach us how to overcome those things.  Each child is different in their own way, mine along with a few others just happens to be very different.  That doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel, she doesn’t long to do, or that she doesn’t love.

Our little girl wanted to ride a bike and did so at school and thanks to some special people, she was also able to do so at home.  The efforts put forth by the school allowed not only our daughter but many other handicapped children and adults that would not normally be able to , they got the opportunity to ride a bike made just for them and for them to take home to enjoy.

Local business donated to help these dreams come true.  A big gather was held at another local business and each child was allowed to test drive their new bike before taking it home.

If your special needs child would like a bike of their own ask the school for assistance on finding a local maker.  Perhaps you know someone that owns a business, perhaps they can contribute to the joy.  After all why should our children be left out of the fun just because they happened to be the 1 our of 33.



Riding a bike