I just finished Hidden by Kendra Elliot; this book was recommended to me by a friend.


I usually am disappointed in mystery/thriller books, very few hold my interest. They are either too predictable or the same as others.

Honestly, I thought that I wouldn’t like this one either, it just started off not interestingly. But the more I read, the more I got sucked it. I sent text messages late in the evenings trying to get information on the book, and when I say information I mean spoilers.

Speaking of which, total spoilers ahead.

Fair warning.

Turn back now.

So, we have our two main characters, Lacey and Jack. The meet under these awful, coincidental circumstances, that happen to be a murder case that they were both a part of many years prior on Jacks property, with a badge that belonged to his partner on the police force. Oh yeah, and on his property it was the bones of her best friend, crazy right?

I got so confused because they were trying hard to pin it on Jack, then I thought maybe it could be Lacey’s ex-husband, then I thought it was the poor janitor kid. You never think of crazy serial killers as having partners! But damn.

Then the whole thing with her best friend being pregnant!? Where is the baby??

Just to find out her other best friend knew the whole time and didn’t say anything and raised this child like it was her own! Letting these people be murdered because she was selfish. Crazy.

I thought the final chapter was unneeded. We got that Lacey lived in the last chapter and we pieced together that Kelly is a fucking weirdo, didn’t need a chapter for that.

Other than that, I loved the book. I will read the next in the series. ☆☆☆☆☆

f you’re into thriller/mystery with a touch of romance, this is a great book for you!

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