Before my son was born I had my daughter on a daily schedule. I know, what kind of crazy person does that? Me, I am that crazy person. It was before she started preschool and I felt it would help her once school started considering they’re also on a schedule. Every hour would be something different; a learning activity, exercise, chores, (What chores?! Yes, chores.) arts and crafts and even free time. By having the schedule it helped her do more than just sit in front of the T.V all day. I will admit, sometimes I changed the schedule around and there were a few days where we completely ignored it.

After my son was born, the first few months we could keep to our schedule. After that I completely abandon it all together. As we all know, life with a newborn can get pretty hectic.

Now, my daughter is five, about to go into Kindergarten and my son will be two in January. I feel we’re ready for a new daily schedule. I like being organized so maybe this helps me feel like I have my life together because it’s not only for the kids, it’s for me too. If you still think I’m crazy hear me out, there’s some great benefits for having a schedule. I give them plenty of free time which helps them gain independence and learn to figure some things out on their own, it helps them establish important daily habits like brushing their teeth, and i have slots just for family time.

I created more than one daily schedule because my daughter has after school activities a couple days out of the week and I created one for the weekend. If you try to have a schedule don’t get upset if you’re not following it right away, I see these as getting my kids into a routine but also as ways to help them figure out things they can do when that boredom starts to hit. What’s great about me creating these schedules is they’re mine so I can change them around anytime I feel fit.

Monday/Tuesday/Friday Schedule:

  • 7:10 Wake up: Brush teeth, get dressed, have breakfast
  • 8:15 Leave for school
  • 8:50-3:30 School
  • 4:30 Free Time
  • 5:30 Play with Brother
  • 6:00 Dinner and TV time
  • 7:00 Homework
  • 7:30 Bath/Family Time
  • 8:00 Mommy/Daddy Only Time
  • 8:30 Chores & Prepare for the next school day
  • 8:50 Get ready for bed
  • 9:00 Bed Time