Tonight I read with my son Chickens Aren’t the Only Ones by Ruth Heller. My parents have chickens which made my kids love chickens, my daughter used to snuggle with them and my son always gets excited when he see’s them, so without knowing what this book was about I picked it up from a library book sale only because it had a chicken on the cover.

Here’s what it’s about: Chickens and other animals who lay eggs. The pages are short and easy for early readers and for those just following along. The pictures are large and colorful which my son loved. It mentions birds, snakes, turtles, frogs, different fish, it even mentions facts about some of these animals other than that they’re able to lay eggs. There’s even a page about dinosaurs, come on, who doesn’t love dinosaurs? I’m not a fan of spiders or any other type of insect but they are also in the story with some cool facts; it’s great for kids to learn early about caterpillars and butterflies.

And lastly, which I think is really cool, the mammals that are able to lay eggs. I honestly only knew that a Platypus could lay eggs, I didn’t know Spiny Anteaters could also lay them. Both children and adults can learn from this book. I recommend this book to everyone.


chicken book
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