Living in Michigan knowing how to swim is a must. After all, we are surrounded by water. Here’s what I have to admit: I’m not that great of a swimmer. I’ve always been so self-conscious of my body that once I reached a certain age I hated getting into the water. It made high school swimming class torture for me. Before we bought our house our apartment was right down the road from a community pool, we went so often we ended up buying a seasonal family pass. My daughter Azalea loves the pool which made things hard for me because I never wanted to go. I went anyway. Going down to the pool helped me realize my swimming skills have gone down, I’m still able to keep myself afloat however, moving around took some time. It was honestly easier and faster if I just walked in the water. I’m not sure if it was because I had Azalea in my arms or if my skills truly went away, I couldn’t risk it any longer so we stayed in the shallow end most of the summer.

Now that we have a house with a yard we have gone through a few kiddie pools for the kids but this  year we got one that was still small but larger than your average kiddie pool. It got us thinking we need to teach Azalea how to swim, like I said, I’m not that great of a swimmer. I haven’t swam since high school, I knew right away we’d have to enroll her into swim class.

Which is what we did this Summer; I looked around and compared prices, what really made my decision were the real recommendations I got from people I know. For the Summer we tried Goldfish Swim School; I don’t know the price for every location but for ours it was $84 a month. Swim class is once a week for 30 minutes a session. Honestly, part of me wondered more than once if the cost was actually worth it. It is, it truly is. Today is Azalea’s last day of swimming, she started in June and in these few short months she is able to float on her back, she can swim (doggy paddle) on her own for short distances and she’s comfortable putting her face underwater. Azalea loves her swim teacher, there’s one teacher with three or four kids, some times less, in each lane along with two life guards on deck. We have tried it only for the Summer but there is an option to stay enrolled all year long or however long you decide. The pool is heated so there’s no worry about kids trying to swim in freezing water. There are also hairdryers to use when the kids are done swimming.

We started in the Glider 1 class but there are different classes for different levels of swimmers. You can start with the Mini classes which are for infants and toddlers all the way up to their Pro class that goes up to 12 years of age. They even have their own Swim Team that include ages 5-12.

Azalea feels more comfortable in the water, she has become obsessed with mermaids and claims to be one herself. I feel better knowing she has some swimming experience. If you’re like me who, for any reason, stayed away from the water I highly recommend swim lesson. Whether you try it for only a few months or stay in it for years; it’s not silly, it doesn’t come natural to everyone, and it is beneficial for your children.