For day three of the Anxiety Challenge we have to write 5 things we are grateful for; I struggled to write these at first, you know you’re supposed to say that you’re grateful for family and friends or even the things you have. I honestly asked a few people what they were grateful for so I could have some ideas. Their answers got me wondering, why? I wanted to know why I was grateful for things. What makes these things important to me? After writing my list I was glad to be able to write more than just 5 and give myself the reason why.

  1. My House: When Caspar and I first moved in together we lived in an old, poorly insulated, one bedroom duplex apartment. It wasn’t in a good neighborhood, I woke up one morning with a brick through my car window, tried to leave for school another morning unable to go anywhere because the police had the road blocked from trying to arrest someone, there were even days I had to park up the hill because we had street parking and there were no spaces available near our apartment. We worked hard to get our house.
  2. My Kids: I love my kids, some days they annoy the hell out of me but they’re mine. I always said I was never going to have any kids, if it wasn’t for getting pregnant with my daughter I probably would still be saying that. Having my kids changed me, I find myself honestly caring more and wanting to do more for others.
  3. Music: Music is a big part of our family. I grew up a choir nerd and Caspar was a band geek. We have music on like some people have their TV on. I love being able to express any emotion with music.
  4. My Younger Sister: She can be mean and annoying but I love her. If it wasn’t for her I don’t think learning Sign Language would have ever felt something important to me and I also wouldn’t care as much as I do now about the handicap community.
  5. Photography: I love photography, it’s one of my hobbies. I have a large tub full of photo albums plus many more on my computer waiting to be printed. I feel pictures are extremely important; I love looking back at the memories, telling my kids who is who in what picture, and I love being able to tell the story from that moment.

After reading my list I hope this encourages you to create your own list to remind yourself the reason why you’re grateful for the things in your life.