Let me tell you about the awesome thing that just recently happened to me. It’s honestly not awesome at all, it’s horrible. I am writing today using my boyfriend’s, Caspar, laptop because mine is completely fried.

Here’s what happened, my youngest was done with his dinner and he wanted a new cup of water with no lid. He’s on this kick now where he refuses a cup with a lid, I know some of you think that’s great and the rest are saying “Oh no.” Yes, it’s great but it’s also a disaster because he likes to dump out the continents of his cup, not spill, dump. As in on purpose, he thinks it’s funny while Mommy does not. My mom and Grandma will tell me to just hand him a towel, which I do, but let’s face it, he’s one so he sucks at cleaning up his own mess.

After reading that paragraph I’m sure you know where this is heading. After dinner I was cleaning up the kitchen/catching up on Grey’s Anatomy, once I was done and noticed my child banging on my laptop I picked it up from the floor while also wondering how it got on the floor in the first place. I didn’t notice the water until I took him up to bed and that was only from water dripping down onto my foot. This was hours after I gave him the cup of water and hours after I took my laptop away from him.Water has been sitting for hours!

I instantly started freaking out, I truly had a waterfall of tears. Caspar told me to stop being dramatic and that he would take care of it. He started by putting it in rice and placed a fan over it. He told me not to touch it until morning and everything will be fine. I went up to bed with a book and cried to my best friend over the phone. It’s just a computer and I know that. I’ve been wanting to buy a new one for a while now and I can’t wait to go shopping for one. I wasn’t crying about that, I love taking pictures, my daughter and I are always looking through pictures together and now they’re gone. I don’t have every picture I’ve ever taken on Facebook and I’m really kicking myself for not printing them all off. Not only that, my videos, my writing and my music. Years ago someone broke into my car and stole my CD’s, some of them I had on Itunes so it was no big deal. Well, now it’s a big deal. There are some songs you just can’t look up on YouTube. (I’m talking about you “Dying to Know” and “No One Goes Home.”) Myspace era…

I was devastated and tried to become optimistic after I was finally done crying of course. I made a plan to backup everything just in case it would turn back on and if this ever happened again. It’s been four days and my laptop is still dark and Caspar has done all that he could. My next step is to take it to a shop hoping there is someone who can save all my stuff.

Would you guys like to know a tiny bit of information I learned after I stopped crying like a baby? I was wondering how my one year old grabbed my laptop down from the desk without it falling or me hearing him at least. Caspar gave him my computer. I know he didn’t think our baby would dump water on it, I wouldn’t have thought that either. But he was supposed to be playing with him and keeping him busy before going out to work on the car. I understand these things happen, I do. However, I am an Aries and we have tempers and tend to hold grudges. I didn’t yell, I simply said “leave me be, don’t talk to me and don’t touch me.” I was pretty upset.

Moral of my story is, make sure you back up everything on your computer because sometimes your kids will break things without meaning too. Please, everyone, cross your fingers and hope I can still recover everything on there.