I want to start off with saying that it has taken me a while to get through this book. If it hadn’t come with my OwlCrate subscription, I would NOT have purchased it.


From Twinkle, With Love is a YA book about a young Indian-American girl aspiring to be a filmmaker, while simultaneously shake things up at her high school by combining the social circles.

Twinkle was persuaded into directing a low-budget film for her school’s festival, with Sahil Roy.. the identical twin of her crush, Neil. Naturally, Twinkle saw this as her way to get her bestfriend back and get closer to Neil; everyone would see how great she is.


Twinkle is pretty clueless when it comes to romance, seeing as how there is a third boy in the “love triangle that is now a square.” Her crush on Neil is built on shaky ground, and honestly he doesn’t seem that great to me anyways. The third boy, Nath, flops to a different girl as well, but Twinkle misses all these signs of boys that like her and boys that could care less.

The drama between Twinkle and her (ex)bestfriend, Maddie, was a bit predictable and totally lacked the backstory it desperately needed.


The book started off too slow for me and didn’t really capture my interest until close to the end. Twinkle became a bit unbearable for me once she gets her cast for the film.

She became super self-centered about her filmmaking and with Sahil; belittling everyone and never apologizing, and then stringing Sahil along, even though he obviously has feelings for her, because she’s hung up on his twin brother, that barely knows she exists so that she can get in with the popular kids.

Sahil was one my favorite characters in the book; he was very well developed and even though he was young, he was probably the most “mature” one in the book. Followed by Twinkles grandmother, or Dadi… she was pretty crazy and totally someone I could spend time with.

Best line in the book:

“My eyes were like magnets and he was Iron Man.” -Twinkle Mehra


Unfortunately, I could only rate this book three stars.