My son, Axton, was born in November of 2013, making him about 4 almost 5 right now. Such an awesome but tiring age. He is always on the go, he doesn’t really like to sit still for long.

His first “vacation,” Axton was about two weeks old. My father-in-law and husband flew us down to stay with my FIL’s mom, and when I saw flew us down I mean my FIL was the pilot and my husband the co-pilot. I blame this trip for my son’s constant need to go.

When he was six weeks old, we went to Orlando, FL. Around a year and a half, we went to the Pocono’s mountains, followed by Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Orlando, Texas, and so many other places (but we will save that for a different article).

Other than traveling, my son loves sports. He’s been “hiking” and camping since a year old, he holds no arguments about hiking five miles, one way, to see a waterfall.

He loves miniature golf. We actually bought him a practice green from Dunham’s that he uses in the basement on the off season, or winter. If its nice out, we go to the local mini golf places, or several when we travel. He hopes that when he gets older he will be able to join a team.

Right now, Axton is in his second year or so, of soccer. He’s been playing since Sept. 2016. He loves it.


If you’re a parent of a kid that plays sports, you know how expensive it gets.

We pay about $70 per season for him to play soccer, that includes his jersey. I pay another $10 to have his name put on his shirt. Then there are the special socks, the shin guards, the cleats, and whatever else they throw your way. It gets costly and quick.

He has also been playing hockey with his dad for just as long, just in the basement.. still expensive. And he decided last week that he wanted to now play on a team.


Actually, last week, he decided he wanted to play Soccer, Football, Hockey, learn to do Parkour, Skateboard, ATV/Dirt-bike riding, Archery, Bowling, and join the Boy Scouts, among other things.

Of course, I’m sure this will change again in another week or so.

I don’t mind him wanting to do everything though, or at least I try not to. I’d rather him be outside playing these things than inside the house playing FortNite or whatever it is kids are playing these days.



Other things Axton is interested in aren’t as time consuming or expensive… or at least that’s what I like to tell myself.

He loves exercising; whether it be riding bikes, walking, or “gymnastics.” Art, painting mostly, is a big thing with him; and he enjoys building all types of things, from Legos to derby/model cars to helping dad with sheds in the back yard. And lets not forget working in the garage with his own tool set.



One of the things he’s been “obsessed” over, for the past six months, is skydiving. By law, you have to be 18 years of age to jump out of a plane. So, obviously, that’s a no go. But I  will definitely let him try indoor skydiving once he reaches the weight limit, no questions asked.

Where do you draw the line? What is too much for them to handle?

I don’t push him to do these things. He takes an interest and wants to try them. I never want to discourage my child from trying something.

That being said, I don’t want to overwhelm them, or for them to overwhelm themselves.

“You want to try this? Great. Oh you want to try this too? Well, let’s wait until we are done with this first and we can come back to it.” Or it could be “Hey, lets try this and see how you feel afterwards,” (since he suffers from JIA.)

And most of the time, he’s understanding.

I can only hope that my youngest is into half the things Axton is.