deadpool minecraft

My step-son loves Minecraft and all things Marvel. 

I saw this book, while searching for a new one to download on my Kindle, and thought “oh, hey! I bet Derek would love this, but I better read it first to make sure it’s okay for him to read” even though the “age level” states 5-14.

This is Part One.


Diary of a Minecraft Deadpool is about Deadpool, obviously, getting sucked into the Minecraft world, but unsure of how he got there. He figures it had something to do with meditating with Yogi Ber (not sure if this is an actual typo in the book or not).

He is crying in a clearing when one of the GREATEST MINECRAFT BUILDERS attacks him. You read that right, he attacks Deadpool.

Oh, FYI, the person who attacked him is named Herobrine.

Anyways, after realizing who he was fighting, Herobrine got all excited. He basically worshipped DP.

Herobrine takes DP back to his village, Deadtown, that he created just for Deadpool. But, however he created it (Spoiler: with a black cube from the Nether), its causing all of this weird stuff to happen. Zombies during the day (because for whatever reason they are like vampires in Minecraft?) and Endermen attacking.

Of course, Deadpool saves the day.


I know virtually everything nothing about Minecraft, but enough about Deadpool to know this book would be funny, if not slightly inappropriate.

I was right. I definitely wouldn’t let my younger kids read it, but Derek is ten and probably hears/watches worse things elsewhere.

That being said. The grammar and spelling mistakes were just awful. I finally had enough and just started reading it in a way that I could understand. I really hope the print version didn’t have as many mistakes as the ebook.

I rated the book three stars.


If you want to try and tough it out, you can get the Kindle edition FREE with Amazon Kindle Unlimited.