I’ve seen these fun and creative “Tag” games on a few other blogs, one of them being FlowersInTheBrain.

I think they are cute and informative ways to get to know the blogger you’re following.

I thought I’d start with the ABC tag and maybe go from there.

Here goes…

Age: 27

Books: I love reading, its hard to pick a favorite but I’m obsessed with the Nate Temple series by Shayne Silvers.

Colors: Orange, Purple, Black, Gray

Dream: hmm.. this, I am not sure. I guess to travel?? Oh, and to win the lottery.

Everyday starts with: Caffeine, lots and lots of caffeine.

Flower: Lilies.. peonies…

Goals: Oh, I have lots of goals.. I want to have my bills paid off, my house clean, to be a good wife and mother..

Height: 5’3.5″

In love with: my husband…

Job: Domestic Engineer (if you are unsure what this is, its a fancy way to say I’m a stay at home mom/wife)

Kids: Three boys; two biological, one bonus.

Last thing I ate: This nasty caramel chocolate bar I purchased from a little girls fundraiser because I’m such a sucker for those things…

Magic power: This is tough.. maybe super speed?

Number of fears: There is more than a few. I think my top would be failure, failing my family.

Outfit: I am currently wearing a pair of blue jeans, the Nightmare Before Christmas socks, and a yellow Caterpillar shirt.

Passions: reading, baking, and writing.

Quotes: I enjoy a variety of quotes. My favorite this week is from the song Walk With Me In Hell by Lamb of God. When I’m going through tough times, I have loved ones (family, friends) that stick it out with me, this song is about a similar situation.

Take hold of my hand

For you are no longer alone

Walk with me in Hell

Reasons to smile: My kids

Season: Autumn

Travels: I love to travel, my favorite places, so far, have been Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Virginia, and Gatlinburg.

Underwater animals: Sharks, octopi, star fish.

Vacations: I love vacations. We go on family trips about once every six months, more if we can.

Worst habit: my family would say cussing.

X-Men Character: I really like Rouge but also like Wolverine and Magneto.

Your favorite food: Hmm.. I love steak.

Zodiac: Pisces; for the most part it is correct I believe..

  • Compassionate
  • Artistic
  • Likes being alone
  • Likes sleeping
  • Dislikes know-it-alls
  • Dislikes cruelty of any kind
  • Weakness of being a victim or a martyr
  • Desire to escape reality
  • Friendly
  • Faithful
  • And on and on



Well, there you have it. My ABC Tag.

I challenge you to join along. =]