I am a tad crazy, really only a small little  bit.

Okay, it might be more than a little.

I like to be organized, there is nothing wrong about having some organization in your life. It makes you feel like you have your shit together and it makes things look nice, who doesn’t like that? Well, sometimes I go above and beyond with it. I like to be able to see and reach things easily in my pantry, I don’t like having to dig for things. When I can’t find something, I’m not going to lie, it ruins my whole day. Yeah, I can also be a bit dramatic.

I bought baskets for my snack shelf and it has helped out a ton, my kids can easily reach things and I know what I have instead of reaching my hand inside an empty box. I don’t know what is so hard about throwing the empty box into recycling but some people in my family struggle with that. They also struggle with closing the box for cereal. I love cereal so when I go to eat it and see the box is open I groan. Then when I make my bowl and taste that it’s stale, I ask why. Caspar and I are so funny, he shows me how to properly poor a beer and I show him how to properly close a damn cereal box.

Now you think I’m crazy right?

I have honestly had enough. But…I don’t even know why I waited so long to do this either. I bought some cereal containers. Well, I thought they were. The box says cereal containers!


These are Verones Storage Containers, cute right? I bought the 10 pack knowing not all of the containers would work for cereal; which I was fine with because I can easily find something else to put in them.  I got this set for $34.99 on Amazon.

Here are a couple cons: a whole box of cereal doesn’t fit in the largest container (71 oz). The labels started to peel up a few hours after putting them on. Those are my only cons, I do not think these are great for cereal but I do think they will work better for other things. (I’m honestly thinking of ordering another set).

I plan on looking around again for larger containers. Once I do I am going to switch over these containers for my pasta. I feel these would work a lot better with the difference sizes of pasta noodles and I can’t wait to switch them because my little one likes to get into those boxes and dump out spaghetti and elbow noodles all over the floor. Speaking of kids getting into these, he hasn’t figured it out yet but they are easy to open for my daughter Azalea, who is only five.

If you’re looking for some simple storage containers I do recommend these. You can also leave in the comments any of your favorite storage ideas.