My Plain Jane is a story about the poor orphan, Jane Eyre; who can see ghosts. 

I received this book in the Strange and Unusual box from Owlcrate (July 2018).

Honesty moment: I could NOT finish this book, I gave up about half way through.

The “humor” in the book was non existent; what the authors’ had thought would be funny just wasn’t.

A lot of the scenes in this “retelling” happened in the original novel by Charlotte Bronte, with a somewhat “super natural” underlining.

The thing that really turned me off of this book was the fact that the authors stopped mid paragraph to explain why the characters couldn’t do this, or it was this way in the 1800’s, or just that this actually happened in this way. In my opinion, if you have to explain something to someone for them to understand/enjoy it, it ruins it….

I wish I could give you guys a full and better review; perhaps I will give this one another chance down the road.