The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”— Dr. Seuss, “I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!”

In case you haven’t noticed, we like to read here at BuzzyMoms. Sometimes I find it a little funny how much time I spend reading now and how often I dream of owning my own book store because when I was younger and in school I didn’t read so much. I enjoyed listening to the teacher read, I volunteered to help out in the library and I read to younger children but give out that reading homework and I avoided it completely. I can’t remember what we were supposed to be reading in school but I remember reading Twilight instead.

Don’t even act like you never read the books, we all did.

We hear all the time from our kids doctors and schools how important it is to read to them. I honestly don’t remember my parents reading to me as child and I know I certainly didn’t have as many books as my kids do on their shelf. I try to read to my kids daily, sometimes it doesn’t happen and that’s okay, I feel as long as it’s done a few times a week I’m still making progress. I created a “Reading Journal” for both of my kids to see how often it is that we do read. Honestly, it sounds like a good idea but I keep forgetting to put stickers down on the days we do read.

I love reading to my kids, I love the bond with reading. The three of us snuggling together around a book…I can’t even come up with a word that describes how it makes me feel. Some days when my kids are being rotten and fighting or crying over something silly I will say “that’s it, go get a book.” Not as a punishment but it helps them calm down and reset. Trust me, it works and I encourage you to try it.

We read many types of books, my kids library is very diverse. I started with a pack of Dr. Seuss books and went from there. Azalea loves Disney Princesses, we have many of those that are the stories of the princesses and holiday themed. (I try to have at least one book for each holiday.) Rykar likes cars and dinosaurs leading us to have many books about those. I love the “How Do Dinosaurs” books. I feel it’s important to have books about feelings or books about any situation so that kids can feel a connection. Once you find a small similarity in something it sparks your interest in it so much more. Our family is different, so I read the kids a book about all types of families, before Rykar was born we read to Azalea a couple books about becoming an older sister, my family have some Native American in us so I have a couple books about Native Americans, my favorite is the ABC with all the different tribe names. I could go on about all the different type of books we have.

My favorite part of reading is going on an adventure, seeing a new worlds and being able to imagine different things. I’m so glad that I am able to do this with my kids, I hope they never lose their interest in reading because I can’t stress enough how amazing it is.

If your child’s school or doctor can’t convince you with the facts like it’s good for their language and social skills, it boosts their vocabulary and IQ points, it helps aid with anxiety, helps with listening skills, then I hope I can by telling you it’s a great experience to share with your children.


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