For Halloween, I was Robin Hood; I bought my costume, that included just the dress, and a wooden toy bow (with arrows), from That left me looking for proper footwear.

I tried all the usual places; department stores, specialty shoe stores, Amazon, Shoe Dazzle, and Just Fab. But for the life of me, I couldn’t find any boots that screamed Robin Hood.

Then, because Facebook like to stalk us (you know what I’m talking about), I saw a boot ad for

I’d heard of Wish, but I was skeptical seeing as how everything was knock off, shipped from China, etc., etc. But, I needed shoes and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to just look.

I found a pair that matched the outfit so well, I decided to order them. I created an account, was promised free paint brushes (that still have not arrived), and ordered these boots.


They cost $24, and supposedly have a MSRP of $200. Pretty great deal, right? I placed the order on October 3rd, they arrived a few days early on October 15th. They fit my legs great, not too tight and not too loose, I can actually wear them over jeans and not be uncomfortable. The material is nice, not too hot. The heel is only a half inch, so walking in them for  Trick-or-Treating wasn’t murder on my feet.

Since then, I’ve order my husband an Assassin ‘s Creed bracelet (Free, just pay shipping), as well as the both of us a “smart Bluetooth fitness tracker (10.45 each, plus shipping).

I ordered the Assassin’s Creed bracelet and fitness trackers together on October 6th. Our trackers arrived on the 31st, after the delivery date was changed from October 23rd to the 30th. The bracelet is scheduled to arrive November 8th.

The fitness trackers, other than the late delivery,  so far seem to be okay for the price. The band states its a size large, and it fits nicely and comfortably.   The “instructions manual” leaves something to be desired; it’s pretty hard to understand due to the language difference… words are omitted, they almost seem incomplete.


I am disappointed in the following aspects of

  • Shipping on every item, even if its from the same seller coming in the same package
  • Sizes are a gamble
  • The prices are a bit misleading
  • Shipping time varies and there is never a tracking number

I currently do not have any major issues with them or my products, therefore I have not dealt with their customer service.

I like for the following reasons:

  • Easy app/website to use
  • Prices are not outrageous (even though they are misleading)
  • Quality product for the price you pay
  • Variety of products from toys to make-up to footwear

I will probably continue to shop from there occasionally, its hard to promise consistent shopping since I absolutely love my Amazon Prime, but I do have my eye on a pair of adorable boots for Christmas. 😉

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Happy Shopping!