Here’s a cute picture of my cat Beast sitting in front of my TBR book shelf. IMG_2234Fully stacked, no space available between the three shelves. The picture is only a couple months old, Beast is much bigger now but my shelf has not gotten any smaller.

Maybe I have a problem, but honestly there’s worse things out there. I love going to Library sales, my Grandma will pick books up for me at garage sales and sometimes I make the excuse of needing to go to Ollie’s Bargain Outlet just so I can see if there’s anything new in their book sections.

In March I got Cherokee a box from OwlCrate, if you don’t know what OwlCrate is, well, it’s a book subscription. It’s not just books, some times there are little knick-knacks inside the box. I thought it was cool so for Mother’s day I ordered myself a 6 month subscription to OwlCrate. I was so excited for my first box, it contained two books! One of the books became one of my favorites and I just couldn’t wait to get more.

As more months came I have gotten a few books that didn’t interest me and I’ve also heard bad things about. Now what about the extra goodies? Those are also a hit or miss, I’ve gotten a beach towel, a mug, a bath bomb, things I would use. But I’ve also gotten key chains, tea, magnetic bookmarks, things that don’t I care for as much. Also with OwlCrate you get a bookmark each month, along with a letter from the Author (the book is signed), a booklet with a word search and mentions other books inside, and a small picture that goes with the book. So right now, I have a box full of papers from OwlCrate.

September OwlCrate Box

I decided I didn’t want anymore bookmarks or any of the other small gifts that came with OwlCrate, so when my subscription ended I switched to something else.

I am now trying out Book Case.Club; you get two books a month for only 9.99 plus $5 shipping. What I like: 2 books and it’s not expensive. Simple as that. You also choose which genre of books you want, the options are: Teenage Dream (young adult), Thrill Seeker (mystery/thriller), Strange Worlds (Sci-fi/Fantasy), Blind Date (Paranormal Romance), Booking for love (Romance), and there’s also a kids box.

I do have one complaint, my first box; one of my books was a Sequel. I went on reading reviews and they led me to believe I need to read the first one before reading the second one. That was a bit disappointing to me.


If you’re into books and want to try out a book subscription but you’re not into all the extra stuff I suggest trying this one.

I would also like to hear about anyone’s favorite Book Subscription!