I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I went over to my Grandma’s house then after we got home we ate pie and played board games. Although very cold, it was a good day.

My kids and I also made some Thanksgiving crafts. Around Halloween I bought these Thanksgiving themed foam cut outs from Michael’s, the package says $8 but I paid less than that because they had them on sale. They were real cute; came in shapes of turkeys, leaves, acorns, and pumpkins. Thanksgiving is over so I’m sure no one wants to hear about us creating a garland out of these. Maybe next Thanksgiving.img_3514.jpg

So here is a Santa belt ornament we made together. The supplies you need are, black and yellow/gold paint, clear ornaments, tape, and red construction paper. IMG_3512

I cut the red paper into small strips then I wrapped the strips around a pen to curl them. I curled six strips and placed them inside my ornament.






Next I painted a black strip around my ornament, my first ornament I didn’t use tape, which left things a little uneven, so I recommend using tape, it will also help the kids because they can be messy with the tape covering the ornament. I used two coats for the belt and let that dry before painting on the belt buckle.

And there you have it, adorable Santa belt ornaments.