I’m a planner; not an event planner or anything exciting like that, but someone who has to have almost everything planned out.

I severely dislike waiting until the last minute to get things done or have things ready. If I don’t have at least a 48 hour notice, chances are I’m not doing whatever it is someone calls me to do.

When planning a vacation, I try to have everything ready and planned out months before and my bags packed at least a week before. I drop my dog off and pick up my rental the day before I need to leave so if anything unexpected happens, I’ve got a buffer.

If there is a party or an event we are attending, I leave with plenty of time to spare so I can find great parking, carrying my stuff in, or just sit where ever I am without worrying about being late… even though I’ve got a bit of a lead foot. 😉

Part of me wonders if this isn’t some other anxiety issue I have, but I’ve never gotten around to talking to my doctor about it; probably some subconscious thing that I’m afraid of her answer.

Another part of me believe that I’m this way because there is just so much going on, so much that I have to work around for things to work; doctor appointments, school, parenting schedule’s, etc. That I spent good money on these (tickets), of course I want to be early so I have time to find parking or find my seat.

Then a small part that shouts at me, from a far away distance, that if I would have left a little bit later, I wouldn’t be sitting here bored waiting for this to open… that I would have had more time to make a better dessert. And that I kind of sound rude when I tell someone “no, I can’t.”

I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember, but I’m not sure where it stems from.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never met another person with similar issues, either, if I have they’ve never let on….

My mother-in-law gives me crap about it, all the time. Brian just puts up with it and my kids don’t notice (and I’m thinking that’s a good thing).

Do you have an experience with something similar to this? How do you deal with it? Is it really a problem?