This past weekend we pulled out all of our Christmas decorations. We got the tree up, stockings hung, and all that jazz, but our wreath that we’ve put out every year completely fell apart. I salvaged what holly and poinsettia flowers  I could, and just added them to the garland wrapped around the pole on our porch… but I really wanted a wreath to hang on my door. So, I loaded up the kids and drove to hobby lobby.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted when we arrived and honestly, I’m not crafty at all (I’d rather just pay someone to make it for me), but I’ve been wanting to do a “rag wreath” for the longest time, so I started with that. I found the wreath frame (is that correct?) and a couple of fabrics that I thought would go great together. Then we got some ribbon, lights, snowmen stickers, and a bunch of other stuff that I didn’t use and will probably sit in my closet for years.

But, to do a basic wreath, all you really need is the frame (?) and a few yard of fabric, and some good scissors. I cut the fabric in strips 2in by 8in.


Next, I added my lights and other random pinecone decorations. Then I started the fabric in the inner ring (or you can start outer, it doesn’t matter as long as you do not start in the center ring), laced my fabric through and tied it into knots.


Lastly, I added the snowman sticker my kids picked out. With the cutting of the fabric and everything else, it probably took me about 5 hours to make my wreath.

I had enough fabric leftover, and then some, to make a second smaller wreath for Axton on a Styrofoam circle he picked up.

Because it was a bigger surface area, it didn’t take as much fabric. Same thing; I did the plant décor, lights, and then the fabric. Obviously because it was Styrofoam I didn’t have to go through wire, the fabric just looped around and was knotted.

I added a bow to his to match his peppermint candy lights. I’ve made a bow once in my life years ago. Its hard, like I said up top.. I’m not crafty. Even though his wreath only took me about two hours, a good portion of that was making his ribbon bow… and he still wasn’t happy with the way it looked!


This is definitely a time consuming project if you are the one to cut all the fabric, but it is relatively inexpensive.

I picked up the fabric in the remnants section at Hobby Lobby and all the Christmas crafts/décor was 50% off, all in all I spent about $22 on my wreath. =]

Will I do it again?

Maybe; but not for a long while, unless someone cuts the fabric for me.

Have you tried this craft? How did it turn out?