When I was pregnant with my youngest, Zeppelin, Brian and I went and purchased a new bed.

He thought it would help with his back problems and mine if we got a new mattress. The one we previously slept on was old, super old.. Brian had it years before we started dating and it was his sisters before then. So by the time we got this new bed, it had probably been about a 25 year old mattress. (I know, yuck.)

Anyways, we loved the idea of being able to adjust the beds “softness” so we figured we should look there first, mainly because the pressure would change throughout my pregnancy.

We tried a bunch of different companies, some adjustable others not, until we found our way to the Sleep Number store in Toledo, Ohio.

We “slept” on a few of their different models before deciding on the less (but still) expensive p5, King sized, full split. I believe I was in my second trimester by the time we purchased it and had it delivered.

I loved that I was able to schedule a delivery time that was convenient for me and had the option to have the bed assembled by professionals, at no added cost, right where I wanted it.

It was really nice at first. We both slept pretty good. But, I hate the full split.

What is the full split?

Basically its two twin beds next to each other. Yep, that’s it. And because of this split, the beds eventually start to move away from each other; I was sleeping in a canyon just so I could lie next to my husband.

How do you fix this?

Brian had unzip our beds, loosen the bolts, move the mattresses back together, and retighten the bolts. Yep. We’ve only done this once, not sure how many more times we will need to.

What about sheets?

You have to buy special sheets, with elastic, to keep the sheets on the bed for when you move the bed. Yes, weather you purchase a no split, half spilt, or full split, you have to purchase these sheets, but! It would be so much easier to just buy one huge sheet (hell, even two twins), but it doesn’t work. The special Sleep Number sheets are costly too. Honestly, because of the price we only have the one set that I was routinely. I’m kind of afraid that I’m washing it too much.

Do I still notice a difference?

Yes and no. My “Sleep Number” is about 25. I definitely notice when my bed deflates or inflates more, but due to the kids I don’t really sleep better than before and my back still hurts  bit.

Was it worth it?

Again, yes and no. Its a nice bed, even if it is problematic. But at the same time I cannot get over the idea that I purchased a glorified air mattress for thousands of dollars (that I still am paying off).