For those of you that follow us you know that I have a handicapped daughter.  One of her favorite things is Mickey Mouse and friends, especially Toodles.  This year she turned 18 and I made it a mission to take her to Disney for her birthday.

Now those that follow also know we are not wealthy.  I work full-time outside the home and so does my husband.  We do not get any assistance for her care so it is all on us.  I am not complaining, just stating a fact.  There are many weeks we struggle to make it to the next.  Again just stating a fact, painting a picture.  So, you also know we garden and raise chickens.  Each summer we have an abundance of both veggies and eggs.

I let it be known that we were selling our produce and eggs and that all proceeds were being used to take her to Disney.  I had no idea when I began rather or not we would make it to our goal.  We also started buying gift cards each week to help with our trip.  I also had no idea just how wonderful people would be.

Not only did they show support by purchasing our goods, some of them went above and just gave.  All of this generosity made it possible for us to make her dream come true.

To prepare for the trip as I said earlier I purchased Disney gift cards for our spending there,  I made extra payments on our charge cards to cover the gas for the trip, I purchased our hotel on groupon, and finally used the money we collected to purchase our park tickets.  Our trip was taken care of for the most part.  Yes, we had to take our paycheck from that week, but I also had made sure our bills were paid ahead of time.  That was another trick I will explain another time.bethany and goofy

It was a short trip, we left home on Saturday and Left Florida on Wednesday.  We only spent one day at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.  I know many of you are probably asking why bother, well because it was worth it.  SHE LOVED IT!

A vacation isn’t supposed to be about the money you spent nor is it supposed to put you in the poor house.  It is about the memories.  We created lots of them in that one day visit.

I will be posting more updates when we do get home and give you more details on Disney, traveling with a handicapped child and of course my opinion on it all.

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