*Trigger warning: There may be some language and subject matter some may not find suitable.*

When I was a teenager, I used to work for a local band selling their merchandise. I met so many other artists, some locally known, others nationally, and made some awesome friends.

I’ve recently decided that I miss it (the music scene) and would like to get back into it in some way…. As well as promote other local business in or around my area, because locals need love too. =]

So, I will be interviewing local musicians, store owners, etc. to help spread the love.



My first interview, I scheduled with my buddy Joe Postal from the bands “Full Strike Frenzy” and “Busby Death Chair.” Unfortunately, he got sick shortly after scheduling, but allowed me to send him the interview questions and he responded the next day; alas, that means that I wasn’t able to grab photo’s and that you don’t get to experience our witty banter, maybe next time. 😉

Let me start off with saying that I’ve known Joe for about ten years now; I’ve hung out at his house, attended shows, made a cake for his youngest son’s birthday, and just generally given him shit since I’ve known him. He’s an awesome guy and I am glad to have met him. 


Here. We. Go.


Me: Alright Joe, I know you’re in two bands, Full Strike Frenzy and Busby Death Chair… what’s that like? Do they ever clash?

Joe: Sometimes the bands clash on schedules, like I will confirm a date with one [band], then bam! Another show offer comes up on the same day. I usually stick with my first commitment unless the other show is just too damn good to pass up, but that honestly rarely happens.  

Me: You’ve done shows where both bands have played, how do you manage to still have energy to do so?

Joe: My energy comes from the love of what I do.

Me: Which do you enjoy most: drums or vocals?

Joe: I’m a drummer by trade, a front-man by default. I love doing both of them, but I honestly prefer to be behind the [drum] kit.

Me: In the ten plus years that I’ve known you, you guys have played all sort of shows and festivals; who has been your favorite band that you have performed with, national or local, and why?

Joe: It’s hard to nail down just one band in a ten-year span because we have had the honor and pleasure of doing so many shows with great people and musicians who do the same thing we do. I could go on for days about favorite bands to do shows with. In the early days, it was Pure Bastard Extract and Harms Way & The L.S.G.H clan. Over the years Misconceived, Severing the Need, Blood of the Prophets, Self Infliction, Stained Glass Torture, Soldiers of Scrape, on and on and on lol. Them weirdos in Pick Axe Preacher especially, hometown boys from Monroe, MI as well.

Me: Can you tell us about the funniest joke/situation that has happened at a show?

Joe: One of the funniest memories I have was playing the Carnival of Chaos on year with Wane Static headlining. My late guitarist, Randy Lorimor Jr., and I were talking to a mutual friend Jamin Hunt from Sworn Enemy who toured with Static X. He wanted a picture of Wayne’s head from the top so he could see his bald spot. We were pretty ripped by this time and decided to go to the tour bus and see if we could snap one, maybe. Somehow I lost Randy and I was creeping up on the bus when I see movement on top of it. It’s Randy trying to snap a pic leaning over the side through a window… he falls off the bus, makes a shitload of noise. I lose it laughing and then I put my phone away to help him when the window opens and I see a big set of hair and a bald spot looking down at Randy saying “What the Fuck dude?” It was Wayne Static and the million-dollar shot! And I missed it!

Me: As far as I can recall, neither one of the two bands has released an L.P. or anything for a few years, are there any plans to write new songs or record?

Joe: The last few years have been pretty rough for Full Strike Frenzy with lots of death and births in the band family. We have added a new guitarist, Phil Hickman, who used to be in a band with me about 10/12 years ago called Sik/Vile; he is a helluva shredder and we do plan on writing and recording with him in 2019.           

Busby Death Chair is working on wrapping up our recording mix from a live show we did at Reggie’s in Chicago on our last tour with The Murder Junkies this summer, and plan on releasing that in the very near future.

Me: Recently, you guys lost Randy, someone you’ve known for over 25 years.. what’s that been like- not only losing a bandmate, but a family member as well?

Joe: It’s been hard losing a dear friend, especially to suicide. You get a lot of 20/20 hindsight on signs you missed, or things you could’ve said. The truth is, when someone truly decides they are done, you can’t stop them.. you can delay it, but chances are when they get their chance, they’re gone. We all have a dark voice in our head whispering that we are not really loved, we are a burden on the ones we care about, we are not worthy to breathe the same air as good people. Some of us can tune those demons out and live.  I’ve been lucky in that I have seen the ripple effects a lot more than I would like, from the sudden and tragic loss of a loved one, and I will never do that to those I love. I loved Randy and I miss him dearly. I tell all my friends I love them with no shame, he was no different. I’ve felt the whole range of emotions from sadness to anger to laughing about the stupid shit we did in life.

Me: When not performing, what’s an average day life for you?

Joe: An average day for me is like the average day for most. I’m a blue collar musician; I work a real job. I usually work and then rehearse with one of the bands. I smoke down, pothead for life, watch current news events. Hit up social media to goof off or promote shows, or find a good one to go to. I have three adult children, all of whom lead good and honorable lives, and I speak with them when I can.  Then there are show days. Wanna know more about those, come to one.


You can check out Joe’s bands’ Facebook pages here and here, for updates and show information.

I want to thank Joe for taking the time to read my questions and answer them promptly, even when sick. I look forward to the new music and hope to catch another show soon.





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