I’ve never really been one to set New Year resolutions. I didn’t buy into the whole “New Year, New Me” stuff or making promises that I wouldn’t keep.

This year (2019) is different. My doctor insisted I come up with at least five goals, or resolutions, for the new year.

I usually have short term goals, so as to not get my hope’s up and spirit’s crushed. But, with a little alone time, I was able to come up with some long term ones that I hope I can accomplish in the 365 day period.

  • Pay off at least 50% of my debt (but 100% would be grand!)
  • Do more things that make me happy
  • Find something I’m good at
  • Make more time for me
  • Declutter my house (and keep it that way)
  • Meal plan, to help cut my grocery bill

I think those are some pretty awesome long term goals, that don’t seem too entirely daunting.

Of course, I have other things I want to accomplish, as well. Such as: Axton sleeping in his own room, teaching Axton to read, weaning Zeppelin from the bottle, on and on.

So much to do. One day at a time, though.


What is your stance on the New Year and setting resolutions? Have you set any for 2019? Let us know!