If you have read my previous post, Good-Bye 2018, you know that one of my New Year’s resolution’s is to meal plan with the thought that I will be saving money on my grocery bill.


One of my problems with this is, I get bored with food easily. My cousin has the same problem and thought we could get together to do a recipe swap. What an awesome idea!

However, with her working full time as a teacher and me just generally being busy 95% of the time, I wasn’t sure when we would be able to actually get together. To rectify this, I created a Facebook group, under our blog, called Kitchen Chemistry (see what I did there?).

There you can get help with meal planning, recipe ideas, diet tips and meals, etc., all without being judged. Anyone can join. 🙂

Click here to be directed to, and join, our group.


Hope to see you guys there. 😉