Today is my son Rykar’s birthday, he is now two years old. He woke up before dawn today and basically refused to sleep during the night, I think he was a bit excited to be two now. At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself all morning. Let me just say, the terrible two’s have began months ago. Before his party I had to clean my walls because why scribble on paper right? By the way, not all washable markers are washable.

After my daughters birthday last year I decided I was no longer going to make goody bags for my kids birthday parties. It’s crazy that I used to let that stress me out, I always wanted something fun but not expensive and I didn’t like to add candy because I don’t like it when people give my kids a bag of candy. This year I went with an ‘Art’ theme for Rykar’s party so for my nephews I made drawing books and crayons; cheap, easy, and the kids liked them.

I make a lot of paper crafts and I always do them with construction paper because I img_4324know my kids and my kids like to destroy things. You can also get a large pack of construction paper for around $5. At first I was going to buy sketch books from the dollar store but instead I took 5 pieces of white paper and one color paper, folded them in half and stapled the folded side together. I have a silhouette machine and used that to write the kids names on the books.

For the crayons I used broken crayola crayons my kids had laying around. img_4273.jpgI read that it doesn’t work well with the washable crayons or any off brand crayons. I do want to try them to see if they work or not but for this is I stuck with only crayola. I used silicone molds for the crayons, I made crayons in each color of the rainbow for the kids, and heated them at 200 degrees F for 10-15 minutes. I thought I filled the img_4279.jpgmolds right, looking at the picture you can see they’re full. After doing this however, I realized I actually needed more crayons in the molds. They need to be completely filled and maybe overfilled or else your crayons will come out thin. Some of my Dinosaurs and Ice Cream crayons broke when I tried to pop them out because they were so thin. I left my crayons out on the counter for at least 30 minutes to cool down, once they were cooled and hard I was able to take them out of the molds.

Here is the end result of my “goody bags” for the kids. Since I used things I already had in the house I only spent $2 for the pack of Hi-C juice boxes. I wrapped those with construction paper and drew the paint trays on the paper with my Silhouette.


Another paper project I made for the party was the banner. Last year I cut triangles out and made those into a banner, this year I switched it up and made circles. I used one of the bowls I use for my kids to trace for the circle, wrote out the letters and colored them in with black marker. img_4338

Not going to lie, I’m amazed at how many crayons we had in our house. I bought multiple packs of crayons last year for a letter project I made for my daughters teachers and at most parties or gifts someone gives my kids crayons. I’m not complaining because they all came in handy. I was wanting to save as much money as I could for his birthday party, we drink from mason jars in our house. I honestly don’t even know why. We started collecting them from when my parents would can vegetables and when we tried to start canning anything out of our garden. But now we use them as drinking glasses. I took some for Fork and Spoon holders, instead of keeping them plain I lined crayons along the jars.


This was a struggle for me. As you can see in the picture about one jar has a ribbon while the other doesn’t. I kept a rubber band around my crayons and tied a ribbon around that to cover the crayons. I just didn’t like the way it was looking, I tried to hot glue the sides together but that wasn’t working for me either. For the second jar I decided to just hot glue around the crayons. You have to look close to notice the glue and it kept the crayons standing up right and together. I am tempted to keep them glued together just in case I need them as a decoration again.

img_4316.jpgI didn’t do much for the party. He’s two, so really, I was just doing this for me. I asked Cherokee to make his cake because I didn’t feel like attempting it. He doesn’t eat cake or cookies, I know, what a weirdo. I asked her to make an ice cream cake, it’s the one thing he eats and loves. It was a hit and he ate all of what I gave him.

She, however, said this cake was a pain. I live about 35 minutes away from my sister. I didn’t think much about it when I asked for an ice cream cake. The cake was melting on her during her drive up. Oops.


The only food I did make I technically didn’t make it. I took Rice Krispies Treats and turned them into paint brushes. For these you need, Rice Krispies Treats (I bought mine from the store), Colored Popsicle Sticks, and Chocolate Melts. I thought I had many colors waiting at home for me but I was wrong and only had a couple colors sitting in my pantry. You have to cut a small slit in the top of the Rice Krispies to get the sticks to slide in and then dip them into chocolate. Set aside for them to harden. They were a hit with the kids.

I’m glad I went with this theme, it was days after Christmas when I finally decided it. I didn’t have to spend a lot on party supplies and the decorations were easy.