I’ve had my NuWave Air Fryer for a year now. My mom got me it for Christmas (2017) and I can’t even express how excited I was. It’s all people were talking about and they were talking about how much they loved it.

I was easily disappointed.

The first time I used it was to make onion rings, the batter slid off my rings before they even finished cooking. I cried. Go ahead and laugh, I laugh about it now, but I really love onion rings. I didn’t use it again after that until just recently.

Before Christmas I was starting to clear things out, I told myself I really need to use this air fryer, it’s just taking up space in my cabinet. So I tried it again for pork chops, they were very tasty but it confirmed what I always thought about the air fryer.

It’s just a mini oven.

Don’t even try to disagree with me because you know I am right. It’s a mini electrical oven. And this upset me because why do I need this? I already have a stove with an oven, it’s a gas stove but it’s still a stove.

Although I feel it’s just a mini oven I still want to use it. I want to know why everyone loves it so much.

I told myself I will use this in the summer. My oven heats up my house a few degrees when it’s on; before we bought our house turning on the oven was actually how I used to heat up our apartment. During the summer we like to grill, actually Caspar likes to grill. I’ve never used a grill before on my own. But the nights he’s not home I think the air fryer will be a great thing to use so I don’t heat up my house.

I also think it would come in handy for camping. I take an electric skillet with us when we go camping, anything that isn’t made over a fire get’s made with the skillet. With the air fryer I could plug it in and forget about it until it dings when cooked. It might be something I want to try the next time we go Up North.

I’ve been seeing a lot that people are using their air fryer to make hard “boiled” eggs. I don’t like boiling my eggs; I feel like I need to stand there and watch and I’m always forgetting to set a timer. So I tried it in my air fryer.

I have a 3 Quart air fryer, I only used 6 eggs but I do have space for more. Just in case these didn’t turn out I wasn’t going to use a whole dozen. I set the temperature at 250 degrees F, once it was heated I placed my eggs inside the basket and baked for 16 minutes then placed the eggs into ice water to stop the cooking process.

My eggs turned out great. The yolk was cooked perfectly and I had no problem peeling the eggs when they were cooled. So this might become the new way I make our hard boiled eggs. I will have to experiment with the cooking time; Caspar is from Amsterdam and I thought this was a little weird at first but he will eat soft boiled eggs. I will also look around online to see if anyone has made soft boiled eggs in their air fryer, that might help me figure out the perfect cooking length.

Fingers crossed for me to fall in love with the Air Fryer just like everyone else.