Every year Japan has this festival, Hanatoro, meaning flower and light road. This year in the Higashiyama District the festival is held March 8th through the 17th. (The festival is held in December in the Arashiyama District.) There’s performances, shops, and popular temples have extended hours during the festival. I would love to see this one day, it sounds beautiful, having many streets lit up with only lanterns.

Today we decided to make our own lanterns; I tried it a couple ways: with wax paper and with tissue paper. I prefer the tissue paper because i was able to draw on it with marker and some tissue paper comes with designs already on them. With the wax paper I had to use chalk-pastels in order to get the flowers I drew on to show up. Pastels can be a bit messy so for our house, using the markers was a better option.

All you need are markers, Popsicle sticks (16-20 sticks), tissue paper, glue, scissors, and a tea light (battery powered). This was easy enough for my oldest to do on her own but I did use the hot glue myself to form the cube.

img_5276.jpgStart out by making a square out of the sticks. Make a total of 4, if you would like to create a bottom then make 5.




57404115777__C38B079D-7147-42D5-8F47-670B4F139A4B (1)Next cut out a square from the tissue paper to fit inside the the square of sticks. If you plan on drawing a picture I would recommend to do that before gluing the paper down.

Once all squares are decorated and the glue is dry, glue them together to form a cube. I used hot glue for this part so that it would dry quicker.

Once it’s dark enough, place the tea light inside and watch your pictures glow.

There you have it, our own lanterns to go with the Hanatoro Festival in Japan. The kids loved looking at their lanterns in the dark and it’s a cute way for them to make their own little night light.

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