When we were creating our ‘Read Around the World’ country list I really wanted to do the Netherlands. Why? Well, Caspar’s family is from Amsterdam. I bought a few books that are English and Dutch for my kids, I enjoy reading through the books with the kids but love listening to Caspar read to the kids in Dutch.

We have a Holland here in Michigan, every year they have their own Tulip Festival like they do over seas. I love flowers, however, I’m not great at keeping them alive; it’s also still a bit too chilly for tulips right now, no matter how bad I want some. I’ve been looking out the window daily waiting for Spring. Solution: Paper Tulips.

These were so easy and it’s a cute way to add a pop of color into the house. And you only need a few supplies.

  • Glue
  • Paper
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Scissors


I drew and cut out a tulip head for me to trace onto my paper, I used both Card Stock and Construction paper, I cut out four tulip heads per flower.

I glued the sides of each tulip together and then folded each flower in half before sliding the pipe cleaner into the middle.

Straighten them out and place in a vase or cup. It’s that easy. My daughter was excited about these because they didn’t take long at all to make.


It’s a cute spring time activity to do with the kids or maybe an idea for Mother’s Day. Have fun crafting.