The Rules of Blackheath:

  • Evelyn Hardcastle will be murdered at 11:00 p.m.
  • There are eight days, and eight witnesses for you to inhabit.
  • We will only let you escape once you tell us the name of the killer.

Understood? Then let’s begin…

Evelyn Hardcastle will die. Every day until Aiden Bishop can identify her killer and break the cycle. But every time the day begins again, Aiden wakes up in the body of a different guest. And some of his hosts are more helpful than others…



Not exactly sure where or how I heard of this book, but I am so glad that I did!

The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle is full of mystery and twists that kept me on edge until the end, and days after I was still mind blown!

It’s such a creative and inventive book that throws the reader for a loop, after loop, after loop. (See what I did there?)



I was so unsure of this book when I downloaded it, I normally stay away from mysteries, but the blurb pulled me in.

It’s like Clue meets Groundhog Day.

Murder. Body Swaps. Time loops. Psychopathic characters.

It should come with trigger warnings though: murder, rape, suicide, infidelity, self loathing, and fat shaming/fatphobia, to name a few.


We wake up in the woods, not sure of who we are, how we got there, or any memories at all really… all we know is that we are in danger, but from what? Then we befriend Evelyn Hardcastle, the girl who is going to die. Why??

Then we meet the Plague Doctor, and what a scary portrait he paints. *shiver*

By midnight, we’re passed out. The next day we experience the same thing over again, just in a different body… for eight days.

Eight days to figure out who kills Evelyn and why they went through such long lengths to hide it. If the murder isn’t solved, the loop starts over again.

Tread carefully! Two other people are also working to solve the murder to get out of this hell, and they will stop at nothing to stop you. TRUST NO ONE!

I thought I knew who the killer was, it was just so, so, so suspicious. Man was I wrong. I was actually wrong twice and did NOT expect that ending.

Keep track of your clues. Cross reference them often.

The days coincide/overlap as well as jump back and forth.

The M.C. (who we learn is named Aiden Bishop) hope from body to body each day, he keeps his memories for the eight days, but adopts some of his hosts personality traits and memories as well, all while being conscious of who he is (after that first day).

Every time there was a twist or something that threw me off, my husband was there to witness my meltdown. He loved listening to me rant about it though. 😉 Brian doesn’t read, but is hoping that there will be a film adaptation so he can see it.

I actually finished the book while we were camping and talked it up so much, my mom downloaded the audiobook version. I look forward to hearing her take on it.

I do have some issues with the whole Purgatory/prison thing. As well as the way some of the characters were depicted, and Aiden’s reaction to said depictions… without giving too much away.


I really just want to tell you how much I enjoyed this book, not enough to give it five stars, but definitely a solid four.

Have you read it yet? What were your thoughts?

This book is also titled The 7 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle.