One of the questions I’m asked as a homeschooling parent (other than socialization) is about gym class…

“Well, won’t he be inactive with no gym class,” “how does he get exercise with no gym class,” or something along those lines.

Well… my child doesn’t need to attend a brick & mortar school to have that, to have physical exercise and whatnot.

Believe it or not, my homeschooler is more active than his older brother that attends a public school. *shrugs* That’s just the way it is.

I will admit, however, that it might not be as diverse, maybe it’s more. But one thing I know that I did when I attended school was Field Day!

Who didn’t hate love Field Day when they were in elementary school? My personal hell favorite, was running laps.

It wasn’t all bad, I’m sure..

Anywho, on top of our already in place “physical education/gym class” and the soccer team in the community, I wanted my kids to experience something like that.

Today, we did. Indoor and out.

We did so many activities before lunch time, to work up a hunger. 😉

I had the kids color several paper plates, to be our lava rocks – or stepping stones – to make it through our Livingroom of Doom!   This is just a different take on the floor is lava game all kids seem to play, no matter what.


After our lava pit, we went “fishing.”

Our local library had this magnetic fishing game that the boys fell in love with. You spin the spinner to see what fish you pull out. It’s made by Melissa & Doug, I purchased it off for my youngest sons birthday next month -Happy Early Birthday!

My kids enjoy fishing, whether real or not. So this was a nice addition, and is great for rainy days, plus color/number recognition for littles.

We created an obstacle course in our main hallway, made with party streamers that have been sitting in my basement party tub for about five or so years.

It’s similar to those laser rooms you try to cross, but with paper, obviously.

It was super easy to do: just criss-crossing the streamers back and forth, however.

My kids loved this and went through many times, always getting more creative with how the find their way out. (I may go through and add some more low streamers, just to make it more difficult.)

This was a great use for something I never used, and probably never would. It great exercise and helps with their logical thinking: assessing. It is definitely something I can see us doing again in the future.

We did a bunch of things outside.

We did 2 loops around the block on our bikes/walking. Always big fun.


Of course, we played a small game of one-on-one soccer, ran the ball through cones, played with bubbles and chalk… I showed the kids what hopscotch was, or at least what I remember it being. 😉

Then we did our normal outdoor activities.

Swinging, slides, trampoline, all that fun stuff!


We also found a road, hiding in our garden!



What better way to end Field Day, than with a nice popsicle? Our favorite is the Jolly-Rancher flavored. What’s yours?