It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. I’ve been in a funk of depression the past couple months, it was hard to get out of but I’m trying and it’s working a bit. I’m so excited to share my news with everyone. On May 3, 2019 we adopted a dog. DSC00684 Her name is Sadie, we’re still a little confused on her age; the Shelter said she was three but her vaccination records say she is 1. I’m hoping our next vet visit will be able to give us an answer. Isn’t she gorgeous? I’ve been asking Caspar for a dog for months. One day he told me okay. My exact words were: “Don’t do that, I will go to the shelter today and you will come home to a dog.” (Fun fact, my mom used to do this to my dad all the time.) He said to go get a dog. I tried to wait for “Empty the Shelters” day, however the shelter near us wasn’t participating. I found a shelter only 30 minutes away who was but once I seen her picture I wasn’t going to wait.


I am in love. We have had some running away issues with Sadie. Originally we assumed she was abandon by abusive owners because she shows a lot of signs of being abused. After she ran off on us more than once we started to think she ran away. Sadie is part Husky and it’s in their nature to be a little adventurous, which is fine, but come home. This past Saturday Sadie got out of the house and took off, we were unable to catch her. I cried hard. Luckily, someone found her and took her into the shelter who called us as soon as she came in. (I was up at 6 am posting pictures everywhere I could.) I cried again once we got her back. She’s my new baby and I was so worried about her.

Like I mentioned above, we believe Sadie to be abused before the shelter found her. One thing she is scared of is toys. I bought her toys and she would shy away and crouch down to hide as if I was going to hit her with them. It’s something we’re trying to work on. Since she is scared of toys right now I decided I wasn’t going to waste money on anymore and I made a couple of my own.


To make these all you need are scissors, pliers/snips, one or two old t-shirts, dog treats, and an old baby toy like this that you are also fine with cutting.



Cut the sleeves off your shirt and set aside. Then cut your shirt into one inch strips vertically. These are to make a dog rope like these:IMG_6255

The first rope I used 6 strips, I made them into 3 thicker strips by placing two together until I only had three. Then I tied the top and braided the rest. It’s that easy. I used the rest of my strips to make the thicker rope. I placed strips together until I again only had three to braid. And there you have it. I know once Sadie get’s used to playing with toys she will destroy these, which I’m fine with because these were old shirts that we no longer wear.

It’s an affordable option that’s great for puppies, cats, or dogs that are scared of the toys.



For the next toy with the ball cut the sleeves of the shirts also into strips. Mine are different sizes because I really didn’t care, they’re going to be shoved into IMG_6250holes anyway. If your ball has really small holes like mine, that you think a larger dog wont be able to get into then cut a few to make them bigger. I used pliers to cut mine.                                                    

                                                                                  Like this:



After that stuff the strips of fabric into the holes, weave them in and out however you like. Place small treats between fabric strips for your pet to find. What I love about this one is it’s stimulating your pets mind and I’m hoping this is a start for Sadie to no longer fear any of her toys.