I enjoy the spring time. It’s starting to warm up, flowers and trees are blooming, and it rains/storms.

It’s also time for a good portion of my family’s birthdays. This past weekend we celebrated two of my kids birthdays.

Derek, who turned 11 and Zeppelin who will be 2.

I’m an amateur party planner, so I do everything for their parties. This year we decided on a camping theme, mainly because my entire family loves to camp and hike.


So, what does one do for a camping party?

It was quite simple actually.

We have campfire pie pans, and we used those to make campfire pizzas! How cool, right!? We also grilled burgers, for those who didn’t want pizza sandwiches.

Campfire Pizza

  • Loaf of bread
  • Pizza sauce
  • Cheese
  • Butter (softened)
  • Toppings desired

Then it’s pretty easy to cook over the fire, or grill in this weekends case, sort of like making a grilled cheese.

  1. Butter the outside pieces of the bread, set inside pie pan
  2. Coat inside of one slice with pizza sauce
  3. Layer desired toppings
  4. Place additional slice of bread on top, buttered side out.
  5. Cook over fire for 5-8 minutes, each side until desired done-ness

It’s totally customizable for everyone on attendance. 🙂

I made these cute, little campfire cupcakes; chocolate cake with a vanilla buttercream, with pretzel “fire logs.” I had extra cake batter, so I also made a small cake that I decorated to look like a grassy field, with chocolate rocks, and a tent (made from preztles and a fruit rollup).    It was totally adorable, the kids loved them.

I was able to display them on this awesome stand my mom has that looks like cut trees pieces.


For the kids goodie-bags, I made s’more kits.


  • S’more supplies
  • Bbq skewers
  • Brown paper lunch bags
  • Sandwich bags
  • Labels (if desired)

I started with the labels and glued them onto the paper bags, easy so far. Then the s’mores (I put enough supplies in each sandwich bag for two s’mores, per child), and set those in the bags. After the bags were filled, I folded the tops over and used a hole punch so I could weave the skewer through.

The kids ran around; playing frisbee, in the swing set, drawing with chalk, etc. If I would have thought about it, the corn hole game would have made a great addition! Any back yard games really.

Everything was pretty inexpensive and easy to make/set up.

Definitely an amazing party for the camper in your life. 🙂