School is out for my daughter next week and once it’s out we will have a couple more kids in our house this summer. I’m going to be watching my friends son and my sister this summer, it’s going to be loads of fun.

Since it’s going to be summer I wanted to create a menu for our breakfast’s and lunches because even now I sometimes struggle with deciding on lunches. By having my menu all planned out I won’t be wasting time trying to figure out what to eat.  I have already written out what we plan on eating for the rest of June & July. Some of them are repeats, which is completely fine in my book. I don’t see anything wrong with my kids eating cereal for breakfast two days in a row. menu

I want to share the menu I created for us and maybe you can use it for your family whether it’s for dinner only or also for your summer breakfast’s and lunches. I only wrote those two down on my menu because I keep a weekly dinner menu on my door and it will only be my small family for dinner time.



Click the links down below to get your copies of our blank summer menus.


June Menu   

July Menu   

August Menu