On my reading list this year, one of the check off’s is to read a book I have read before. I kept looking at this unsure of what I was going to read. The other day Twilight was on TV, I read Twilight when I was 13 and oh my goodness, did I love it. I’m sure it was the first vampire book that made me want to have a vampire boyfriend. Back then the book was amazing, I believed it was five stars, I never wanted the series to end.

Loving the book I couldn’t wait for the movie to come out, but by the time it did I wasn’t so in love with Twilight like I was before. I’m 26 and still have never seen the full movie. It hasn’t kept my interest, but when it was on, I tried to watch it. I didn’t finish the movie, maybe one of these days I finally will, from what I did see though, I couldn’t believe it. I thought I was going to die laughing when Edwards covered his nose once Bella walked into the classroom; I thought “wow, this movie is ridiculous.” There was no way the book was this bad. So when I got home, I pulled Twilight off the shelf and started reading. I finished the book in two days and wanted to talk about it with everyone.

If you were never part of the Twilight craze here’s the story: A young girl, Bella, decides to move in with her father who lives in a very small town; she is interested in this outcast boy, Edward, who wants nothing to do with her or the rest of the school. Turns out this boy and his whole family are vampires, he tries to stay away from her because he believes himself to be a monster. Edward eventually gives into his cravings and tries to stay in Bella’s life, they fall in love within a week. Their love story is cute and dandy until another group of vampires comes into town, before they leave they get Bella’s scent and want her but obviously Edward isn’t going to let that happen because he loves her and will do anything to protect her.

Here’s my thoughts, I honestly still like the book. It’s cute. Would I still give it five stars? No. But I would encourage younger (middle school/ high school) readers to read it. I’ve had some issues with it this time, I can’t believe we all accepted Edward to be this stalker, we romanticized it. He followed her around, granted it did save her life, but he also broke into her bedroom every night to watch her sleep. Come on, that is creepy.

The older I have gotten the more I’ve started to dislike books where characters fall in love instantly; I hate hearing “I love you” after a week. As a young teen, I loved it. Of course they are meant to be, it was love at first sight; their love is reckless and selfish.

I was also constantly annoyed with Edward saying he needs to stay away but can’t because he is selfish. All the time he said this. Say something else, say more charming things. Ignoring those flaws their love story is adorable, I mean come on, he saved her life multiple times.

What are your thoughts on Twilight and do you think they will change if you read the book or the whole series again?