Very exciting news, I got engaged this past April, it was done at GingerMan Raceway in South Haven, MI. Our family has been going here for years. Speeding up to Wedding plans: my sister, mom, and I have started to plan things out already. My budget was set at $4,500 and I thought this was going to be so easy. It’s honestly a bit stressful, I have friends telling me not to worry about anyone else, to do what I want to do. But I can’t, I have been doing nothing but thinking of everyone else and how to please them all with my wedding. I’m trying to stop that. July 25 , 2020 was my original date because I wanted to do a Christmas in July theme but then came in everyone’s opinions, so I changed the date, which brought more opinions. Our new date is October 3, 2020.

Why change it? Well, I honestly always wanted a winter wedding but the holidays are always so busy and there are so many birthdays in November that I didn’t want to stress over that. So it gave me the Christmas in July idea. We changed it mainly because of the weather. This July, I was in my friends wedding. I had no food that day, very little to drink and it’s been years since I’ve worn heels, I almost passed out during pictures. I felt horrible because I ruined the pictures by falling to the ground. Pictures are very important to me, I don’t want to be fainting in my own photos. Also, Caspar and my son sweat like no other, Caspar said to me he doesn’t want it in July because he will be dripping sweat before I walk down the aisle. It is also his day so I came up with a couple cooler weather dates for him to pick from.

By moving the date back we raised the total cost of our wedding to $6000. If you have never planned a wedding and you think this is a lot of money, I agree with you but it’s also not. I can’t believe the cost of some of the venues! One farm I was interested in said the cost is $20,000 and that does not include and food. I did not have to think twice about throwing them into my “no thanks” pile. Some places you were able to rent for the whole weekend for around $12,000 which sounds great but I didn’t need that. Some places were a couple thousand, which was a little more reasonable and we were almost going to go with a place that was just a little under $2,000. It was beautiful, the ceremony cost was included, tables and chairs, we had both indoor and outdoor space and the cost of food was reasonable per person. However, this place is so amazing the only days available were Friday’s and Sunday’s unless we moved the wedding to November. Like I said above, a lot of birthday’s are in November and Michigan weather is unpredictable, I don’t think I want to hear my family complain about the snow and I really don’t want to risk anyone falling on a slippery sidewalk.

I received many emails from venues who didn’t have our date available. I’m amazed how many people have their venue picked over a year or two in advanced. This part became very stressful and I was honestly worried we wouldn’t find a place. Our original plan was to get married in my parents yard but that also changed, I have started completely over with all of my wedding planning. Thankfully, over Labor Day weekend we were able to put down a down payment for a venue, after that, it finally hit that we were really going to get married. We’ve been together for 6 years, in our engagement photo’s I created a sign that says “About Damn Time.” Our guest list is not very big, including us there are 110 people on our list, so when we were told our venue can only fit 128 people I knew I had nothing to worry about. It’s $1000 for our outdoor ceremony and the hall for our reception. Food is not included in this price which is fine, I’m excited that I’m able to go with who I want our food from and how much.

Look for updates throughout the year as I create my magical but also frugal wedding. I am currently making a list of things that need to be done and then I can decide what to work on next. Our budget is $6,000 but I hoping I can stay under budget.