I don’t know how it goes in your home but In ours everyone does chores. I don’t give my kids an actual allowance, mainly because their chores aren’t real chores. They’re 2 and 6, what do they need an allowance for?

They could save the money, of course, I tried that with my daughter but she still refused to do her chores. So I took away the money. Here is her chore list:

Make bed

Pick up dirty laundry (her laundry)

Play with her brother Rykar

Read to mom or dad

Help mom with one thing (this is usually clean the litter box or take all the laundry to the laundry room.)

And feed/water the cats

We have her mainly take care of our cats because she wanted them, I wanted a dog so I clean up the dog droppings outside and make sure she is fed and watered. Like I said she doesn’t have many actual chores, it’s all teaching her responsibility and to clean up after herself. All that said, doing chores is something we fight about often. Lately we have made a deal, if she does her chores during the week on Sundays we will have a break and it will be our pj and movie day. Who doesn’t love to lounge around in their pjs with a great movie and snack?

This weekend our snack is a graveyard dirt treat. It’s so easy and delicious, and I’m sure you’ve already made these with your kiddos.

All you need:


Chocolate melts

Tomb stone mold

Gummy worms

Crushed oreos

My kids love eating dirt cups but I wanted to add a Halloween twist to ours. If you’ve never made them before they’re so simple.

Follow the directions on your chocolate pudding box (or you can use individual pudding cups)

While that’s in the fridge melt your chocolate and pour into molds.

When both your molds and pudding are set, crush Oreo cookies into “dirt” and sprinkle your dirt on top of the pudding.

Next decorate your pudding with tomb stones and gummy worms. I forgot to buy gummy worms so we used our Halloween themed fruit snacks.

That’s all there is to is. It’s a fast and cute treat that your kids will love and perfect for movie day.