Recently we received a voxbox with the Olay Whips eye primer and priming face moisturizer.

I don’t wear tons of makeup, usually just eyeliner so I tried to test and review this product as fairly as I could. That being said…

The primers are said to be fragrance free, and I’m sure they are. To me, however, they smelled like generic flower petals. Not a bad scent, and it’s pretty subtle. It may not be something everyone would notice.
The product was so light and fluffy, I was honestly expecting something heavy. I was a bit hesitant to try the whips, having somewhat sensitive skin I didn’t want to deal with a rash or more breakouts. I didn’t have a problem with either.

Same with the eye primer. It did a fantastic job with just about everything I threw at it, except for real glittery shadows. And maybe the waxy eyeliner I typically use.

My eyeshadow didn’t crease and had a long wear time than usual, while using Olay Whips Hydrating Eye Primer.

Currently, you purchase these items from retailer for around $20 (last time I checked). I orginally thought that the price was ridiculous, and still do if you don’t plan on using it often, but the little bit you received when purchasing goes a long way. You don’t need much to get a nice finish.

We recieved this product free in exchange for an honest opinion.