I am getting married October 3, 2020. I have less than a year, to some, that sounds like plenty of time, to others, I’m sure they’re wondering if I’m stressing over the time I have left. I’m not stressing. As of right now, I believe things are going smoothly. But there is one thing I’m trying to not let bother me: losing weight. I would like to lose some weight and tone up my body before my wedding. Since my son was born I have been saying I’m going to lose the weight I put on. Well I haven’t lost it, I’ve lost some, but not all of it.

Fun fact: I’ve always struggled with my weight. Mainly I have mentally struggled with my weight. It’s taken me until now to stop worrying about it. I am currently 5’6 and 183 lbs. I am over weight. Oh yeah, I just shared my weight on the internet. Scary.

Since high school I have been into yoga but never really made it an every day thing until recently. I’ve been doing yoga 5 days a week for a month, which is really cool. Honestly it’s a big deal to me. I don’t enjoy working out but I enjoy yoga, I follow a YouTuber: Yoga with Adriene, I love her videos. She has different themes, they’re at different levels, meditation, and on some videos she will focus on certain parts of your body. Her videos help stretch out my back every morning.

I don’t have a weight goal for the wedding. Maybe I should make one, but right now it’s lose 10 lbs and to tone up my arms. To be honest I don’t like my arms, they’re flabby and I just don’t like to look at them. To achieve this I am going to start slow by adding cardio into my weekly work outs. For now it’s 4 days of yoga and 2 days of cardio. I am going to cut out pop, I’ve been cutting down but once this last case is gone My goal is to not buy anymore. This is the hardest part: cutting down on carbs. I’ve never thought about cutting my carbs because I love good food. I love any pasta, any potato, and I can’t forget bread, we eat a lot of bread. My fiancé and I will sit together eating fresh home made bread; you can’t turn down fresh warm bread. This part honestly stresses me out because I don’t know how I am going to do it. Carbs are my life. Carbs are why I’m over weight. Thankfully for me, I’m not cutting them completely, just down.

I hope you follow along on my journey to do this. I will be sharing my favorite low carb recipes and workouts soon.