I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, I got a tad upset with myself for leaving the heavy whipping cream out all night. Last thing I wanted to do was go to the store and fight everyone getting their last minute items. But things turned out alright and I had a wonderful time with my family.

On November 27th, just the day before Thanksgiving we went and adopted another dog. For a couple months now I have been sending pictures of dogs to my fiance until he finally broke and agreed to a second dog. The dog we originally went to the shelter for wasn’t available. We were heartbroken but decided to look at the other animals. Our dog Sadie is a Husky-Shepherd mix so we did want to get a male Husky or German Shepherd. We are so happy that we found Max.

My daughter picked the name Max, like Sadie he is three years old. Since we just got him we don’t know much about his personality yet but Max is a snuggle bug. He is great with our other pets, our female cat Mama is still unsure about him but unlike she did with Sadie, Mama hasn’t tried to start any fights with him.

The shelter we got Max from runs only on volunteers and boy did they have a lot of animals. It broke my heart. This December we are collecting items to donate to the animal shelter, our way of doing a “12 days of Christmas.” I wrote out a list of 12 items I know my family can donate to the shelter. I know not everyone is able to adopt but I hope you are able to take a few items from our list to donate to your local shelter.

Here are the items:

  1. A bag of dry Dog Food
  2. A bag of dry Cat Food
  3. 2-3 Towels
  4. 6 cans of wet dog food
  5. 6 cans of wet cat food
  6. A bag of cat litter
  7. 1-2 Blankets
  8. Timothy Hay
  9. Straw Bale or other small animal bedding
  10. Waterless pet shampoo
  11. 2 Catnip free cat toys
  12. 2 dog toys

I know not every shelter is the same, some will only take a certain brand of dog food, our local shelter takes in horses and small animals like bunnies, guinea pigs and hamsters. Look online or call and ask your local shelter to see what their needs are.