I purchased my first used vehicle the Thursday before Christmas…. yay! Well, at least that’s what I thought…

**Warning: huge, angry rant follows**

I had gone to several dealerships, looking for an FCA vehicle, you know.. gotta support the people that employ my husband and all that jazz.

Anyways, after searching for a while I finally found one that I really liked, that had everything I wanted, and was within my budget. Again, yay!

So I had made plans to go down and look at this beautiful 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland, with the ecodiesel engine. It came with the remote start, heated seats/steering wheel, and all these other great features. My kids were ecstatic.

I had never driven a diesel vehicle before, but the Overland seemingly did great on the test drive, unfortunately we could drive very far/fast due to all the traffic during the time. I figured that that was okay, right? That I’m buying this vehicle from a certified dealer, there couldn’t be too much wrong with the vehicle, if anything, right?

Oh, boy.

So let’s fast forward through the paperwork. Drove the vehicle home. Alright. Great. Then it sat in my driveway for days until I needed it again, that Sunday. And that is when everything went to hell.

We made plans to go out to lunch with my mother in law and had left the house, got on the expressway. I made it ten miles before the car overheated and shut itself down. Yep. The vehicle put itself into “Limp Home” mode. We safely made it to a parking lot to check on the car/let it cool down, then to call for help so it could be towed back home. Being a Sunday afternoon, there wasn’t much I could do. The dealership was closed, so I had to wait. My spirits crushed.

Monday morning I contacted the salesperson I purchased the car from.. he said that they couldn’t really help me because I bought the vehicle used, as is, with 170,000 miles. But, I could call the service manager and potentially bring it down.. but he may or may not be in until after the Christmas holiday. Okay, fine.

So, I called the recommended person, had no answer, left a message. Didn’t hear back that day, or the next, or even the after that. I called again, same thing.

Finally, I had enough and called a dealership that I have had nothing but great experiences with and they got me in before the New Year.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t determine where the problem was coming from and had to jeep it longer than they originally thought. Bummer, but okay.

Come to the Thursday, the 2nd, and I hadn’t heard anything so I called. They said everything was looking good, I should be able to pick it up around 2pm that day, they were just checking out a stored code. Great! Right?

Well, 2pm came and went. Heard from them around 3:30ish. Turned out there is all sorts of things wrong with the vehicle and it will need a new engine.. which if you didn’t know, would cost me more that $15,000. More than I paid for the car. Yep.

I was beyond livid, still am actually.

The following day, I called Yark (the original dealer) to inquire about this b.s. with the sales manager. Wouldn’t you know it, that the person who answered the phone didn’t want to give me the managers name and number? After telling him a few times who I wanted, I finally got the used sales managers name and phone number. I had to hang up to call him, because for whatever reason, they cannot transfer calls…. big shocker, there was no answer.

I left a message for the sales manager, and didn’t get a phone call until this past Saturday… after I posted a negative review online. Very sad.

When I finally was able to speak to Tim, the manager, he asked me why I didn’t bring the car to them to look? “This other dealership could be lying about the problem.” Was I just supposed to drop the car off and hope they called me back? Sorry I was (am) lacking any faith in that. This other dealer, Grogan’s Towne in Toledo, has been my dealership of choice for years before this regrettable purchase, I really don’t think these guys would lie to me.. but whatever.

Anyways, Tim at Yark said he’d call me back Monday, which has come and gone.. yet again.

I will be taking the vehicle there, to their dealership at some point if I can ever actually make an appointment to have it brought over. In the mean time, I have been in contact with an attorney, because everyone I’ve talked to said there I no way that Yark did not know about this problem, and with Chrysler Cares. Fingers crossed that Yark will have something pleasant to say when I call them first thing tomorrow morning.

Yes, I understand I bought the vehicle as is. I, however, do not believe that engine failure should fall under that. If it wasn’t something so catastrophic, I would be forgiving and not bat an eye. Oh, a water pump, sure. A battery? Whatever. Not an entirely new engine! No respectable dealership should be selling cars with engine problems. I paid entirely too much money, for a vehicle that needs that much money put into it.

At this point, I’ve pretty much decided that I will never buy another car, new or used, from Yark auto.