My son has a speech delay, it has gotten better but for a while his doctor was worried. I started to teach him sign language as a baby; words like milk, thank you, please, more, eat, I felt those were great starter words and he still uses some of the signs today instead of saying the words. I recently just got him ‘Sounds and Signs, A Seek and find Game for kids.’ I love it and he loves it, his favorite set of cards are the animals but the game came with different sets you can use. There’s food, park activities, shapes, and clothing. We play it like a memory game, with the smaller cards flipped over and he has to match the bigger card that I’m holding up, once he finds that card I ask him to tell me what it is, the animal sound because kids love animal noises, and then we sign the word together. So far his favorite animal to sign is pig.

I think this is great for parents looking to find something to help their kids with speech delays but also want the learning to be fun. It’s great for kids who don’t have a speech delay, it can be used for beginning sign language learning or for kids just learning to speak. I highly recommend the game to all families.