I am trying my best at using less plastic because we all know a lot of it ends up where it shouldn’t. My local recycling no longer accepts glass jars and bottles and my mom and sister no longer have recycling available in their areas. So I have been looking for more planet friendly options for my family to use.

My sister got me these reusable snack bags by Greenzla; I got a couple different sizes in the pack, pictured is the smaller size, I like to use these for my kids. The larger bags I have used for sandwiches but they are a little larger than a sandwich bag, I like to use those for snacks for my fiancé. They fit chips and fruit a lot better than the smaller ones.

I really like these bags, I haven’t tried them in the freezer or with water yet but I don’t think I would have any problems with those unless one of the bags has a tear. I found them easier to clean when turned inside out, but be careful, I accidentally ripped one of my smaller bags. It’s not large and the tear is at the top so I can still seal the bag. I also wouldn’t recommend putting any meat in these. We placed left over bacon in one and even after the wash it still smelled like bacon.

Other than those small things I’m still glad I received these bags and I do plan on getting more.