I am going to start off by admitting when the Covid-19 became known I thought it was nothing. I honestly felt that my family already went through this in January and February, which we could have, we had the symptoms of the virus back then and it lasted for weeks.

Last night my state, Michigan, was at 3,000 cases with 150 in my county. My fiance and I have started to update each other on anything related to this virus as soon as we see it. Now that Michigan’s numbers have rose quickly do I still think it’s nothing? Well, I am not in panic mode but when we got our first few cases we decided no more going out to eat, I canceled a cake testing for the wedding and we’ve only gone to the store once since this whole thing started. Twice if you count the trip to Pet Smart for dog and cat food. People in this dog group I am in mentioned stocking up on food and I thought to myself, “I need to go get dog food before they take it all.” I didn’t stock up, I bought one bag of dog food and one bag of cat food. I am hoping by the time my Chewy order ships again, this whole thing is over.

Speaking of when this is over, has your children’s school officially canceled for the year? As of right now Michigan schools are planned to open back up on April 13th, however, there has been talk of them being closed for the remainder of the year. I’ve spoken to friends about my worry over this because I don’t want my daughter or anyone to be held back a year. I also said I would be fine if the schools closed now and opened back up in August. We start after Labor Day up here in the Mitten State. My small panic mode isn’t about my family getting sick, it’s about schools and jobs.

Crazy stuff aside, my life at home has been the same, except that my fiance is home all the time now. Which he loves, we are so lucky for his job to have him working from home, I have family who were not so fortunate. They do currently have him using PTO (paid time off) because he was scheduled to be off this week, after that is over he will be officially working from home. Homeschooling is going well, not counting crafts and outdoor play my daughter has school for 2-3 hours a day. We use different learning apps and books everyday; workbooks that I’ve bought from the store, previous to this lock down, ABC Mouse, Scholastic/learn at home, Teach Your Monster to Read, Brain Pop Jr, Khan Kids, and Clever-IXL. Some of these are free, try one out if you’re looking for something new. Right now our favorite is http://scholastic.com/learnathome, even my three year old loves going on there.

Now the fun stuff, our crafts; it is going to rain all day here, I woke up to a flooded street and half my yard under water. If you’re stuck inside on a rainy day or if it’s not raining and you’re not sure what you and your kids can do here are a few ideas.

  1. Stained Glass Coffee Filters. These were so easy to make and they’re not as messy as paint.
    • Grab a coffee filter and color it with different colors
    • Then spray your filter with water
      • While it’s drying cut out a frame in any shape you want and glue it to your filter. That’s it, it’s so easy and my kids really enjoyed it.
  2. Bunny Families
    • I cut out a bunny shape onto different patterned scrap book paper to make a banner to hang in the house. I gave my left over bunnies to the kids to make families. I asked them to draw on the paper then glue the bunnies down. Made a cute and easy Easter decoration.
  3. Find the Eggs
    • For this you will need water color paints and a white crayon.
    • I drew different eggs in different spots on white paper then I had the kids use water color paint to paint the paper, the wax from the crayon showed up under the water color paints. We found they appeared better with darker colors.

I hope everyone is doing well during this time. I hope you don’t stress and make some time for you to try to enjoy this time off.