Warning: Explicit language below

Lately I have been letting my kids get away with a lot. They have been watching TV more, chores have not been getting finished, ice cream for breakfast, and popcorn for lunch. However, yesterday I was in a mood. I woke up with a lot of back pain and horrible cramps from this ovarian cyst I currently have; I did what I could to get rid of the pain which helped but I was still angry.

Here’s the thing, my family was a tad annoying yesterday. My fiance was up late snacking on what he could but didn’t bother to clean up his snacking mess. My children were arguing over the tv and the couch. The couch y’all, they wouldn’t sit together on the couch. My kids are three and seven. Also my cat threw up twice, my fiance was in a work meeting so I was the one who had to clean it up leading to me burning breakfast. As you can see, little things were pissing me off.

My mood went on like this throughout the day, I’d ask my oldest to do something and each time she refused. Can you blame her? We’ve been letting her get away with it. While I was cooking my kids kept demanding for popcorn. I was making them share the TV because both of the tablets were dead and the arguing over who’s turn it was is when I lost it.

Over the summer I made a list of things my kids need to do before they can watch TV. It’s not a long list; finish chores, read, play outside, brush your teeth, and do something creative. All fairly easy and things they enjoy doing. I told them starting today they are no longer doing what they want, they will eat real meals, do chores, the TV list and school work before any TV is watched. I know, it doesn’t sound that bad but I’m sure these next few days are going to be hard and they will test me with everything to go back to care free Mom. I can’t go back on what I said, if you have children you know that they remember moments like that and try to take advantage.

I am feeling better today and maybe a little hopeful that getting back into a schedule will be easy. Do I think it will stop their arguing over silly things? No. Kids argue. I honestly just want them to stop telling me no when I ask them to do something.

Wish me luck